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We have specially trained personnel to respond to biological and chemical releases upon request. The rescue of victims, hazard mitigation, technical guidance and advanced control and capture of hazardous materials are the primary functions of our team.



If not contained immediately and properly, hazardous materials can cause death, serious injury, long-lasting health effects and damage to buildings, homes and other property.

Our HazMat Team is here to ensure that any incident is contained and its effects on those surrounding the affected area are minimized.

Rapid response spill cleanup deployable units:

  • Three Rivers, TX
  • Medicine Park, OK
  • Jane Lew, WV
  • Minot & Watford City, ND
  • Centreville, MS

Units have both land & water response capabilities.


Seconds count when responding to an oilfield fire or industrial chemical spill. We use Micro-Blaze® microbial products that help our responders safely and quickly attack spills.

ESP Responds!

In November 2014, ESP responded to an accident where a semi truck hauling 48,000 lbs. of Sulphuric Acid went off the road. The ESP HAZMAT Response Team called in one of their recovery tankers to transfer the acid successfully without incident.

New Equipment!

Our capabilities are always increasing as we gain new equipment to aid in our efforts.

800 Gallon Suction Trailer/Line Locator

The 800 gallon spoil tank comes with two sight glasses positioned on the rear of the tank to provide monitoring of spoil level. The pump operates between 800-1400 RPMs and has an automatic lubrication system. The suction valve can be set to either vacuum or apply pressure for high speed dumping.

Multiple Uses for On-Site Cleanup

  • Locate underground utilities without impact damage.
  • Clean up hazardous material.
  • Assist in emergency road spills.
  • Removes wet OR dry material
  • Clean storm drains of debris
  • Clean irrigation canals/ditches
  • Assist in storm damage clean-up
  • Dig shallow wells
  • Dig trenches