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When it comes to H2S Safety Services ESP is at the forefront. Our H2S Safety Supervisors have the experience, training and equipment needed to keep people safe during any type of operation where H2S may be present. This includes: Breathing Air Equipment, Personal H2S Gas Monitors, Wireless H2S Monitoring Systems, H2S Training and Supplied Air Safety Trailers.



Our professionals can watch over, guide, and train your personnel to be familiar with the dangers that H2S presents.

Our Supplied Air Safety Trailer comes with the RAE® MeshGuard Gas Detection System, which is the leading gas detection system that is rapidly deployable in numerous industrial and remote monitoring applications. The RAE® System Wireless Monitor will keep you informed of any irregularities. Also included in the Supplied Air Safety Trailer is Portable Air Breathing Units for when emergency strikes and breathable air is limited.