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Emergency Site Protection®, LLC provides emergency first responders to sites around the world.

Especially in remote areas where local first responders are not nearby or where it may take an extended time for them to get to location, the 24/7 presence of our trained first responders is invaluable for helping to prevent loss of life and property in medical or fire emergencies. We also provide rescue teams for confined space entry, H2S equipment and general safety training. In addition, we provide training for compliance with company, local or national standards to help you maintain a higher level of safety at your work site. ESP provides a safety net to assist your operations by allowing the workers on your locations to remain focused on their jobs, and not ours. By using ESP, you can reduce the likelihood and consequences of incidents and increase the profitability of your assets while improving safety for the local community and your employees.

When minutes count, we are seconds away! Exposure to hazards at oilfield locations have increased as activity and technology has advanced. The horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing campaigns which are now commonly being used for unconventional oil & gas wells have resulted in a large number of personnel remaining on location for extended periods of 24 hour coverage. These types of operations significantly push the man hours on location higher than those which were common in the past, resulting in increased safety exposure.


ESP provides a safety net to assist your operations by allowing the workers on your locations to remain focused on their jobs, and not ours.



The boom in the oil field service sector has led to an increase in the presence on location of inexperienced personnel who may lack the necessary training to operate effectively and safely.


ESP helps raise safety awareness on location through targeted training, risk analysis, auditing, leadership, and on site experienced first responders.


The presence of ESP personnel and video monitoring at your location can help you to significantly reduce all risks.


We are located in several areas of Texas and Oklahoma, but are willing to go above and beyond for a customer in other areas of the country.


 All ESP site personnel are NFPA certified.

Our staff consists of experienced first responders trained to provide emergency medical assistance and firefighting support for your operations. ESP is a proud supporter of our military and we employ veterans when available.


David L. McCoyFounding Partner - Director of EMT and Firefighting Operations
David, a founding partner of Emergency Site Protection, LLC has extensive fire/emergency experience and oilfield service/construction background. As Fire Chief in Medicine Park, OK for 15 years, David has served as Incident Commander on various emergency scenes including vehicle accidents, explosions, chemical spills, structure fires, wild land fires, trauma injuries and heart attacks. He has coordinated training and response with crews, personnel and agencies which include Ft. Sill Military Post, National Wildlife Refuge, Life Flight and Medical transport services and Local, State and Federal Agencies.

David’s oilfield background started with the development of an oilfield lease service company, CLI of Mission, Texas, recently acquired by Flint Industries. He served as project manager for KB Mechanical/Texaco in Anchorage, AK. and owned McCoy Welding and Construction supervising crews for oilfield companies and pipeline services in South Texas, Wyoming, Washington State and Alaska.

Experience in Oilfield and Emergency Response gives David an understanding of requirements and needs for this unique safety net.

Michael McCoy, P.E.Founding Partner - Petroleum Engineer
Michael is a founding partner of Emergency Site Protection, LLC and a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. He is also a registered professional engineer in the State of Texas. Michael brings over 30 years of diverse experience in the upstream energy sector from locations around the world. He has worked in North America, South America, the North Sea, Northern Europe, the Middle East, India and Australia. Michael has worked both on and offshore and has held wide-ranging positions, from being a safety officer in charge of an oil company’s safety program, to holding various petroleum engineering positions with major international oil companies, to acting as the Chief Operating Officer for an independent oil company, as well as maintaining a consulting engineering practice. Michael also teaches others as an instructor for petroleum industry classes. Michael’s diverse experience allows him to understand the unique challenges of today’s oil and gas operations and helps to bring innovative solutions to the oil business.
Daryl HowellFounding Partner - Petroleum Engineer
Daryl, a founding partner of Emergency Site Protection, LLC, is a second generation Petroleum Engineering graduate from The University of Texas at Austin. Not including time spent observing his father, he has over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. Daryl worked his way through college as a roughneck, both on and offshore. After graduating, he worked as a petroleum consultant for numerous South Texas oil companies. While a consultant, he owned and operated a well testing company for 15 years before returning to consulting alone.

Working from the ground up has given Daryl the insight necessary to truly understand the everyday realities of life and business in the oil field.